Clorox Diamond Brands

Look & Feel

Following on a comprehensive program to consolidate the powerful Clorox brandmark, marketing and design leadership saw an opportunity to reinforce what Clorox meant to consumers by its association with a better defined support system. What was missing in the development of the new brand system was the staging of how it should be displayed in relationship to other elements.

A unified brand platform and creative strategy was first developed around the existing “Cleaner World – Healthier Lives” positioning. Building upon this strategic base, a new look and feel, consisting of color, texture, and design formats to better present how Clorox is relevant to consumers, was developed for products and touch points that carry the flagship identity.

A comprehensive brand book and standards manual were then developed to guide future branding decisions, train new marketing employees and provide creative resources. The guide was positioned as a catalyst to bring various marketing communication vehicles together under one umbrella tone of voice and visual style. The style guide was not intended to be a rigid mandate, but a rallying point to bring various agencies, partners and internal teams together to better tie all Cleaner World – Healthier Lives communication together. The new system provides a consistent graphic execution across all diamond brand products developed under a common set of brand design principles and lays a foundation for equity-building asset choices.

The revitalized design system was launched at a major event attended by brand decision makers from North America. The signing, environment, presentations and gifts all reflected the new Clorox look and feel. A few weeks later, these materials were featured on 27 screens in Times Square during the annual shareholder’s meeting.

Agency of record:
Brand Engine