International Association of Lighting Designers

Brand Identity System Development

As the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) approached its 40th anniversary, the association began a study of its brand. Their goals were to: build awareness, knowledge and esteem of lighting design, foster new membership and retention, increase recognition of members and their work and bolster attendance at IALD events.

A new brand platform and architecture were developed to better articulate the association’s values, personality, benefits to its key audiences and relationship to its sub-brands. The name was retained to communicate its commitment to a global focus but a new tagline was created to better reflect the critical role lighting design plays in our environment and in transforming human life. The brand strategy was transformed into a powerful new identity and design system to optimally communicate IALD’s key attributes and positioning.

The new brand was launched successfully at IALD’s 2007 worldwide meeting and is now incorporated into all key communication media

Agency of record:
Sage Brandworks