Redi Shade
Easy Elegance/Easy Lift Packaging Design

Brand Strategy & Packaging System

Redi Shade saw an opportunity to leverage its popular “Trim at Home” feature, found in its core product line, in two new more upscale product lines. Offered in a wide array of sizes, light filtering options, fabrics plus other key attributes to be communicated, Easy Lift and Easy Elegance posed as a monumental challenge in developing an effective package design system. This challenge was further exacerbated by the extreme package dimensions and shelving requirements.

Connector Branding first recommended a brand identity strategy that would results in a strong design connection between the new products and their parent brand. Next, a compact product differentiation scheme was developed that fits the package dimensions while communicating key product features and information necessary to select the right SKU. The key elements of this system are contained in a single design element rather than spread out along the entire package. In addition, new descriptive copy was also developed to make the entire selection process more consumer friendly.

Easy Lift, using Redi Shade’s patented “Peel and Stick” mounting feature has been successfully launched at Home Depot while Easy Elegance, using a more tradition bracket mounting system is now being offered online at