Santé Specialty Nuts Branding System

Strategy and Positioning, Brand Identity & Packaging

Aharoni and Steele, a major supplier of premium specialty nuts to several major retailers, wanted to enter the specialty grocery and online channels with their own branded product line. Their handcrafted product was far superior to their competitors’, but in this crowded category, finding a unique positioning was a challenge.

Connector Branding met the challenge by developing a brand platform built around the promise of an amazing end benefit for consumers. Our research revealed that whether served as an appetizer, tossed in a salad, or eaten right out of the bag, these seasoned specialty nuts gave consumers a reason to celebrate any day or occasion. This strategy was carried through to the unique name “Santé” – a salutation that translates to “to your health” — and tagline, “Celebrate Life Every Day.”

A unique brand identity and graphics system was developed to support the positioning while allowing differentiation between SKUs. A multi-SKU packaging design system and copy was then created for eight flavors in two sizes. Next, an ecommerce website was built on a WordPress platform.

Santé Specialty Nuts have now been successfully launched online and in specialty retail stores including Andronico’s Community Markets and Lunardi’s Markets.